Thursday, 31 March 2011

Monday, 28 March 2011

Vices and Virtues

My brother and I have been listening to this album on repeat this past week ♥ I absolutely loved Pretty Odd, it was so summery! So when my brother told me this was more like their old stuff (which I hadn't listened to much) I was a bit worried I wouldn't like it. In truth, I ♥ it! It still very summery and perfect for driving around with the windows down. Some pretty epic ballad types but enough of the fast paced stuff for me to dance around the room to! My brother did tell me, he chose a few songs he thought I'd like because he could imagine me dancing around my living room like a 50's housewife to them! He's not entirely wrong...

My favourite song :)

Miss x

Friday, 25 March 2011

Spring ♥

Last weekend was the first time it really felt Spring was wonderful :)

On Saturday my friend Vicky came over from the IOW for some fun in the sun! We sat on the beach catching up (and getting a little chilly...I was overly optimistic at the amount of heat) before walking over to the lovely Belle Isle for lunch. We even ventured into a bizarre museum were I found myself a dinosaur ;)

Sunday was spent with the boy and included pub gardens, arcade games, ice creams and more beach times..I love weekends like this ♥

Also, very proud of myself for making carbonara from scratch this week! It was delicious and I enjoyed actually cooking it..I am a very lazy cook most of the time :P
Miss x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancake Day!

Happy Pancake Day! I'm excited to make a whole bundle of pancakes tonight :) We're going for ham and cheese to start with maybe some ricotta and spinach ones..tried them a couple of years ago and they were yum! Dessert will be lemon and sugar pancakes, golden syrup and possibly chocolate..going to be immense. Will upload pics soon :)

Miss x

Friday, 4 March 2011

This Week in Southsea

This weekend is a pretty exciting one if you're a fan of all things vintage, handmade and cupcake related! Southsea are putting on two markets and I'm hoping to head over and see at least one of them :) The first is the Southsea Boutique Market at St Swithun's Church Hall on Saturday, 12-3pm...

On Sunday, is the Love Southsea Sunday Market, at the Square tower in Old Portsmouth, 11-3pm. This one is every first Sunday of the month and I'm already excited just looking at the poster!

Hope to see some of you lovely Southsea people there ♥

Miss x

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Adventures in the Sun

It's so very nearly spring like this week! The sunshine is out and the skies are blue :) Although it has turned much chillier this week, that's my favourite weather ♥
Just some pics from the last week or so, using the Instagram app which I absolutely adore!
A new craft night started up in Southsea last month at Tea Tray in the Sky. This is a gorgeous new tea shop and a great setting for crafting! I set about making circle paper bunting, which basically meant I cut up a lot of circles..hoping to be prepared with something more fun next time. It's a monthly event, but talking to Lou, the organiser, it sounds like she's got some fantastic ideas up her sleeve!

Went to City Museum to see the new LBD exhibit. We can't get enough of this place! It's small but fun and cheap :) The exhibit had some beautiful dresses from all different eras and I like the local involvement with dresses and photos from people in the area. I ♥ Southsea

I picked up these pretty green and pink jam jars in the village where my parents have recently moved. The shop was filled with lovely home items and upstairs had vintage furniture and glassware. The lady in the shop even paints up furniture! I ♥ my parent's new home, I like to pretend I live there when I visit..sigh! Pretty daffodils were from the boy :)

At the weekend, we decided we needed a night out and a few drinks! Unfortunately this lead to a dangerous drinking game played at the boys' house which never fails to get me very drunk :s This time, however, there was a new twist...we all had to do a shot of Balkan! That's 88% alcohol and my god, could you feel it! The picture above is when we burned of the remnants after drinking the shot...that bad boy burned for a looong time.

Nicola with the Balkan :) She's smiling now, but our faces were not that happy after the shot!

That Fucking Drinking Game - this is the official's pretty appropriate!

I got overly excited about the sunshine being out this weekend (although it managed to throw out a fair bit of rain). Blue skies in Southsea are the best.

The boy and I baked an awful lot of cupcakes last week...24 in total! We made marshmallow vanilla ones and chocolate chip ones. First time i've done chocolate and I've learnt not to be so eager with the cocoa powder :s
Phew, it's been a busy few days! But lots of fun :)
Miss x