Tuesday, 2 July 2013

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Monday, 27 February 2012

West Wittering

Took a trip to West Wittering on Sunday and made the most of the beautiful weather ♥

We brought along my friend Josh's dog, the lovely Ruby Spoodles to join in the fun! Pretty much the cutest dog ever.

Miss x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mum's 50th

Last week, my beautiful mum turned 50 years young ♥

My dad arranged a surprise party for her on the Saturday night and to make sure she didn't have to lift a finger to get ready, I took her out for the day. We went over to Wickham, which is such a pretty little place, made even better by crisp blue skies.

We went to
Lilly's for lunch. The decor for this place makes me want to just live there and the food's pretty darn yummy too..

After lunch we went for a rummage round The Chesapeake Mill, which is filled with vintage goodies. Unfortunately for us, but more fortunate for my bank balance, there weren't any treasures on this trip. It's definitely worth a trip though, and some of the pop up shops change around to bring in new items :)

Afterwards, it was still too early to head back so we went to
Stansted for a seriously good cream tea. I've never been there before and it was beautiful. They've also extended the cafe through to the greenhouse, which so pretty on a sunny day - check out the photo of my Mum above ♥

Recommend a visit to all of these places!

Miss x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancakes Galore

Well last night was a pancake extravaganza!

For savoury, we had:
Caesar dressing (sounds bizarre and I was dubious about this choice but it was actually quite good!)

For sweet:
White and milk choc chips
Peanut butter

Have to say, Josh's creation of peanut butter and white choc chips was a revelation. I recommend this to all peanut butter lovers, just be warned that you might pass out from deliciousness.

A fun and stupidly filling night ♥

Miss x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I Never Knew I Was A Techno Fan...

Last night I went to see The Wombats with Caketin and Ve. We booked the tickets ages ago and nearly forgot when it was ...but I'm so glad we didn't miss it!

They really were amazing live, playing all my favourite songs with a healthy amount of banter in between. Nothing worse than a band who can't have a laugh with their audience (..I'm looking at you Fall Out Boy). Favourites included 1996, Techno Fan and Jump Into The Fog ♥

Also managed to see an epic amount of dancing from other fans, both hilarious and scary! Was a lot of fun though, despite my stupidly tired Monday self :)

In other news, it's Pancake Day! I'm not one for the religious elements of this and won't be giving up anything for Lent, but I do like pancakes...

Miss x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Cake Pops

I made cake pops!

In all honesty, I'm surprised at how easy it was and how well they turned out. I've had some baking disasters recently, so I wasn't holding my breath!

I used a my standard victoria sponge recipe and then followed the cake pop instructions from Elsie's blog. For the frosting that gets mixed into the broken up cake, I used one 200g pack of light cream cheese and added icing sugar until I got it to the consistency that looked right! It was a rather pleasant feeling, smushing it all together...

The candy melts were from Hobbycraft for £2.99. I chose white because I wanted to decorate with pretty things, but they have a vast array of colours to choose from. You will need a whole bag for this and I recommend letting it cool a little after it comes out of the microwave, so that your cake pops don't fall off! I also bought the sticks in Hobbycraft for around £3 for a pack of 20. The mixture made around 30 cake pops, so I have a few left over and some that didn't quite make it!

They dry very quickly which was great, as I had visions of melted candy dripping EVERYWHERE, but I stuck them in a block of that flower arranging, oasis stuff, which I also managed to pick up from Hobbycraft for just over £1.

Currently storing mine in the fridge, ready for a party on Saturday. Due to the candy coating, word on the interweb was that this would keep them fresh. Lots also recommend tying them in food bags or freezing them before putting the coating on.

Looking forward to setting them up at the party and seeing what people think!

Miss x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Things I've Pinned

I wonder what life was like before Pinterest?

I possibly did more work. Realistically, I did not.

But here are a few lovelies I have recently pinned... join me as I ooh, aah and vow to make/buy/smooch.

Got very carried away pinning
Brian Andreas quotes. Such lovely words ♥

This last picture is absolutely beautiful. Check out more of Norman Duenas' art
here..I'm pretty much in love with all of it.

Miss x

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