Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mum's 50th

Last week, my beautiful mum turned 50 years young ♥

My dad arranged a surprise party for her on the Saturday night and to make sure she didn't have to lift a finger to get ready, I took her out for the day. We went over to Wickham, which is such a pretty little place, made even better by crisp blue skies.

We went to
Lilly's for lunch. The decor for this place makes me want to just live there and the food's pretty darn yummy too..

After lunch we went for a rummage round The Chesapeake Mill, which is filled with vintage goodies. Unfortunately for us, but more fortunate for my bank balance, there weren't any treasures on this trip. It's definitely worth a trip though, and some of the pop up shops change around to bring in new items :)

Afterwards, it was still too early to head back so we went to
Stansted for a seriously good cream tea. I've never been there before and it was beautiful. They've also extended the cafe through to the greenhouse, which so pretty on a sunny day - check out the photo of my Mum above ♥

Recommend a visit to all of these places!

Miss x

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