Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Purchases

Went to Chichester with my Mum on Sunday. We haven't been out of a mother/daughter day in a really long time so it was really good to catch up and look at pretty things. Don't think I've been shopping at the weekend really since just after Christmas; I was shocked at how quiet it was!

Finally used my Cath Kidston Christmas vouchers to buy a new bag for work. Got it in the sale for £30 (stupidly overpriced still but oh so lovely). I also bought a new red hat in the Accessorize sale, to replace the red beret I'd been using, which never really sat quite right! It's a total Elizabethtown thing. I love a red hat.

Also bought some flowery PJ's and a new phone cover..it was a successful and frivolous trip!

Miss x

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