Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dress Me

Feeling a bit overwhelmed this week. So to get over all that I've been browsing pretty dresses! I counted how many I had the other day and I'm afraid it's got to over 30..whoops. But there's always another occasion to wear them! If you'd like to buy me any of the below, I will ♥ you forever.

Looking forward to a very chilled out weekend with my very favourite people :) They truly are my Southsea Famliy! I forsee lots of baking, a trip to Belle Isle and some good old film watching. Cannot wait.

Miss x

Dress 1 & 2 - Monsoon, Dress 3 - Dorothy Perkins

Friday, 23 September 2011

I ♥ Lists

Lists are awesome. I have my work organisation lists and fun lists. I am absolutely terrible at organising myself so I have learnt the hard way, that I have to make a list! Plus ticking something off that list is an amazing feeling!

When I'm having a rubbish day, that's when I try to make a fun list. Could be things to look forward to or pretty things I want to buy come pay day! After my Monday blues, I made an Autumn list...

~Coffee Shops (Chai tea lattes and gingerbread lattes, yum!)
~Boots and dresses
~Crispy, bright, red and orange leaves
~Winter coats (found the perfect one, please be there by payday!)
~Curling up with blankets
~Frosty woodland/seafront walks
~Rum hot chocolates
~New music
~Craft nights

Flipping excited for all things Autumn.

Miss x

All pics are mine, taken with Instagram

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Parental Advice

I went out to dinner last night with my family. We were celebrating my bother's new job (well done you!) and a very belated 21st meal for him :) We went to our favourite place, Nicolino's in Emsworth. Seriously, amazing food!

Whilst trying to squeeze in a little dessert, my parents decided to give some advice on relationships...if you could call it that.

Dad: Men are fools. Women know that men are fools and go out with them anyway. So now who's the fool?

Mum: You need to date older men. Go and spend more time in a library.

And there we go folks, all you need to know right there. Classic.

Miss x

Friday, 16 September 2011

Ink Me

I have always loved and wanted tattoos. I just think they can look beautiful. My dad has 4 tattoos, proper traditional navy tattoos. He always told me when I was younger that he was silly and drunk when he got them, in his navy days. Only many years later did I realise that was ridiculous. I think he does like his tattoos but before the traditional ones became popular again, he felt they hadn't aged well. He also has problems with colour fading and an unfortunate misspelling of my Mum's name! With his line of work, it also means he can't wear short sleeved shirts or roll his sleeves up.

A few years back, he went through very expensive and very painful tattoo removal on his forearms. It was awful. He was covered with huge blisters flled with blood and puss. As it stands, he now has two faded tattoos on his forearms. It was just too expensive and too agonising to carry on.

Although, this hasn't put me off! What it has done, has really made me think hard about what it is I want to have done. I've read up a lot on getting tattoos and advice, mostly because I don't want to be in the same position as my dad. The advice is pretty much standard
-Make sure the idea is something you've wanted for a while and it's not just a fad
-Do your research on tattoo artists

I have an idea for one on my wrist. Trouble is, that's just the start! I know I want more, but it's tricky with my job.

Amongst this post is some inspiration of tattoos I've been oggling...amongst them is what I want, maybe you can guess which one!

Miss x

All pics via Pinterest

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Game

Game Playing. The topic of many a chick flick or Sex and the City epsiode. Not forgetting conversations with my favourite girls.

Recently, my dearest brother, of only 21 years of age, enlightened us to a few things. To uncover the mystery, check out the post on
Caitlin's blog.

However, what happens when the man does have a game plan? Yesterday, I was texting a good friend of mine that I used to date. In a reply to his message, I put a kiss at the end of the text. As soon as I sent it, I panicked. When we were dating we used to put a kiss at the end, but since we've just been friends, he stopped and so therefore I did too.

The thing is, I always put a kiss at the end of my messages, to everyone. So why am I so suddenly careful with him? I felt completely ridiculous, not because of the kiss, but because I panicked! Is it really a big deal?

This then got me thinking about dating games. Funnily enough, this same guy let me in on a few of his secrets. He had a very distinct set of rules, that him and his friend would use to get girls. I'm afraid to worked on me.

1. Ignore the girl you like.
2. Talk to all of her friends but her, and only at the end, start up a conversation with her.
3. Put her down on something she likes about herself
4. Wear unusual clothes/colours/styled hair - apparently this is called 'peacocking'
5. Wait a while before texting back...a long while
6. Talk about your ex-girlfriend...
it shows you're used to women being around you
7. Random compliments, the more unusual the better

This is only a selection of the rules he had. Some of you may recognise this from The Game by Neil Strauss. Well you'd be right. Him and his friend studied that book like a bible. At the time, I felt a bit like I'd been played, tricked into dating him. But then I just found it funny. So much effort, careful planning and delivery of lines! He reassured me he did it because he wanted me to like him, and I did. The funnier thing was, after the act had dropped and the pressure was off, I like him a whole lot more. I fell for the way he wore his glasses when he was tired, the ridiculous excitement over silly things and how he was never afraid of a debate with me.

So there you have it. Are you going to play the game?

Miss x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Learning to Walk

Quite proud of myself these past two weeks..I've actually been wearing heels! Everyday at work, you can hear me clip clopping down the halls, trying not to fall over. What a sight.

I blame my alternative clubbing days (still ongoing..ahem). When I lived in Cardiff, we frequented the grubby, basement, musically glorious places. Metros was a favourite, along with Clwb Ifor Bach, Barfly and the Uni night Factory. God I miss those places! Luckily I have found similar joy in Southsea :)

The standard look for these nights out was a pair of jeans, a vest top with a skull on it somewhere, and a pair on Converse/Golas. There was also various bits of bright plastic jewellery/belts..hey, I was embracing my inner emo!

But it basically meant that I pretty much never wore heels. And this is something I have managed to avoid for a fair few years (god bless you ballet pumps and flip flops). However, it's never stopped me lusting after the high heeled shininess.

Most years, my new years resolution is to wear heels more...and of course be a better person, organise stuff, blah blah blah. But, yes, heels. Every year I fail, pretty much straight after I buy a pair of beautiful heels and then cut my feet up, causing me to hobble around barefoot, clutching a vast box of plasters everywhere I go.

Yet, these times, they are a'changing! For my first 2 weeks at work, I have forced myself to stay in my heels. Admittedly, they're very low, beginners heels, but we're getting there! (We won't talk about the beautiful red patent shoes...ouch.)

I'm not going to lie, there is a certain 'feeling' you get when wearing heels. Oh sod it, I feel powerful and sexy dammit! The only problem is, the lusting has begun. Below are some of my very favourite shoes I have recently found and may actually be able to wear some day!


When I die, if someone could just bury me in these, that would be ace. Thanks.

Miss x
Pic 1 - Topshop, Pic 2 & 3 - New Look, Pic 4, 5 & 6 - Pinterest

Monday, 12 September 2011


I am glad HIMYM exists. So many useful phrases to define my life.

So, Revertigo. Recently I have found myself reverting back to my student days. I have to say I am loving it but it is taking it's toll. Only this weekend, I went to not one, but two clubs in one night. I know, someone hold me back.

Somehow, and I'm still unsure how this happened, we left Babylon (tired, hot, awesomely danced out..hello britpop and boybands)and ended up in Chaos to finish the night! It was also DJ Amy Leo's first time on the decks for Chaos and the girl done good :)

I didn't actually get home until 4.30am (slow walk home, pit stop at Mark's). It was a great night, nearly caught up on sleep now. The only downside is that my voice is doing a disappearing act on me! Tail end of flu/cold...everyone's finding it hilarious, myself included. My brother just says "pardon" everytime I talk. He's funny like that.

I'd like to say that I'll slow down from the next few weekends, but Southsea Fest and then friend's housewarming the weekend after!

I am EXCITED for Southsea Fest...currently listening to their playlist on (poppiepants...don't ask, the username is damn old and I can't find how to change it!). I also get to wear my anchor dress, yes.

That was a rambly post, sorry loves!

Miss x

Friday, 9 September 2011

Goodbye Summer

Last weekend, after what can only be described as the very BEST night out at It's A Sin, the girls and I headed out for a summertime last hurrah! This is why I'm friends with such people, they come up with awesome adventures like this.

First stop was fruit picking at Durleighmarsh Farm. It was such a beautiful place, cute little farm shop and hundereds of different items to pick. I was most excited about picking some flowers but unfortunately, they were all out of season. Luckily though, there were plenty of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to fill out punnets with!

The farm also has a large selection of vegetable to pick as well, but we were starting to feel lazy (read: hungover..well I was anyway!) so we stopped at the fruit. It was a beautiful place though, and so much cheaper than buying at a supermarket! We're definitely going to head back next summer, though hopefully earlier so we can get the full array :)

Next stop was a picnic at QE park. I love this place and have spent many a summer in my childhood have BBQs and pinics with my friends, exploring and falling down in the forrest! It was good to relax in pretty surroundings and discuss all the goings on of the night before with Caitlin and Alexa ;)

After our picnic, we made a trip to Hobbycraft, got the strongest raspberry iced tea ever and headed to Ve's to see her new place. It's a converted pub and enormous! She also got the run down of Sin events, and laughed at us. A lot. Then it was off home to eat chinese and dye Caitlin's hair, she is now a beautiful red head!

Such an awesome day out. I love that we all decided to wear pretty dresses to go fruit picking in..and that their sense of humour is as ridiculous at mine. Seriously..go and check out Calippos these days.

Miss x

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Late to the Party...

The Wombats. Yes, I know, I'm the last person in the world to rave about them. But I really, really do like them. I stumbled across them from flicking through music channels at my Brother's house (I have no TV, so this in itself was very exciting) and found myself wanting to dance.

Now, as my friends will know (to their despair sometimes) I'm not one for a slow song. I don't really know why! If I have a broken heart, I can't bear a sad song, instead I turn to Paramore for a bit of angry jumping around. If I'm feeling melancholy, I tend to choose songs with lyrics that mean something to me. I'm also a melody girl. When listening to a song, I listen to the music first. It's only later that I begin to listen to the lyrics, which is how a few ballad types have crept into my collection. Many of Horror and The Gambler steal my heart.

So, with that in mind, I was nervous about The Wombat's album 'This Modern Glitch'. What if I was horrbily misled, as often happens, into an album with one awesomely happy tune and 9 dreadry ballads?

I was not disappointed. Not only am I in love with the musical craftings, but the lyrics got me too. I'm not going to lie, they're not exactly littered with metaphorical musings, but they make me laugh and I like their honesty.

What a great achievement it was to get a hotel room this late
I bet they charge by the hour here
The kind of place where you should bring your own UV ray
It's not a big problem with me, love
You don't look that hygienic anyway
I'm only here because I want to twist the structure of my average day

-Jump into the Fog

If you want a song to encourage more than casual hip shake, may I recommend 'Techno Fan'? I for one, feel like grabbing my nearest and dearest (randomers if none are available) and jumping up and down, clinging each other and giving our loudest 'ooooh oooh ooh ooh oooh'!

However, for something a tad more mellow, '1996' captured me straight away. I wish I could explain it. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact, that I really didn't have any cares in the 1990's. I have a lot of good things in my life, but responsibilities can be such a bummer. Bring back 1996.

I'm glad I finally joined the party. The Wombats sure throw a good'un.

Miss x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Kites, Castles and Chaos

It's no secret amongst my friends and family how much I ♥ Southsea. Some of my favourite days have been just walking round Southsea and seeing what it has to always come across something going on and recently it was the Kite Festival. I don't know how but I've been to the Kite Festival for the last 4 years running and it has never been intentional! I started off my 'Southsea Day' with breakfast at Like a Teatray in the Sky with Ve and Caitlin was yummy and good to catch up :) Caitlin and I then went to find Alexa for a picnic on the common with an ever looming black sky...we did get caught in the rain, but fashioned some interesting clothing pieces to help!

We then followed the streamers and tails to the Kite was a perfectly windy day for the occasion. Much silliness was then enjoyed at the fairground they had set up. Caitlin and Alexa rode horses and the boys played a shooting game which won them toy guns. Funnily enough, they still managed to find a way to make the bullets hurts...boys will be boys, and all that. I swear they just enjoy the war wounds!

Southsea Castle was next on the list. I'd never been before and was impressed by some of the history. Makes you appreciate where you live :) The fact that it's free was an extra bonus! Considering how many days out we've had around Southsea, the fact that there are still new things to do and going on is why I love living here so much.

After our days out, the boys returned to the xbox and us ladies decided we needed to dance! Another great thing about Southsea? The nights out! The Wedgewood Rooms holds some fantastic nights; particular favourites are Chaos and It's A Sin. If you're ever in Southsea and like alternative/rock/indie/cheesy 90s music, you have to shimmy your way here! The night began in my flat, as has become tradition, where too many Kool Aid cocktails were consumed..that stuff is awesome.

Chaos was lots of fun as always, good music, good people and some more than surprising events took place! I bloody ♥ Southsea.

Miss x

Star Wars Party

It was my brother's 21st birthday this summer and after our camping plans fell apart, I decided to throw him a surprise party! My brother is notoriously bad at planning things, so luckily it wasn't too difficult to avoid anything he came up with. The look on his face when he arrived was the best thing ever. It made all of the stress and planning beyond worth it!My brother and his friend are obsessed with Star Wars. Every inch of their living room is covered with Star Wars posters and action figures; the Star Wars encyclopedia is frequently out and referred to (whether you're interested or not...) so it seemed appropriate to give the party a bit of a Star Wars theme!

The lightsabers were shockingly easy to make. I found them on my beloved Pinterest and followed the link through to here. They were a massive hit and many lightsaber fights were had :)

I also found a Death Star on Pinterest. So easy to make again, although I couldn't do the carvings as I wanted as my watermelon was too light. This was enjoyed as we nursed our hangovers the next day!

So much fun and hopefully one for my brother to remember! Plus they got to keep the lightsabers, so they are forever happy...

Miss x