Friday, 9 September 2011

Goodbye Summer

Last weekend, after what can only be described as the very BEST night out at It's A Sin, the girls and I headed out for a summertime last hurrah! This is why I'm friends with such people, they come up with awesome adventures like this.

First stop was fruit picking at Durleighmarsh Farm. It was such a beautiful place, cute little farm shop and hundereds of different items to pick. I was most excited about picking some flowers but unfortunately, they were all out of season. Luckily though, there were plenty of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to fill out punnets with!

The farm also has a large selection of vegetable to pick as well, but we were starting to feel lazy (read: hungover..well I was anyway!) so we stopped at the fruit. It was a beautiful place though, and so much cheaper than buying at a supermarket! We're definitely going to head back next summer, though hopefully earlier so we can get the full array :)

Next stop was a picnic at QE park. I love this place and have spent many a summer in my childhood have BBQs and pinics with my friends, exploring and falling down in the forrest! It was good to relax in pretty surroundings and discuss all the goings on of the night before with Caitlin and Alexa ;)

After our picnic, we made a trip to Hobbycraft, got the strongest raspberry iced tea ever and headed to Ve's to see her new place. It's a converted pub and enormous! She also got the run down of Sin events, and laughed at us. A lot. Then it was off home to eat chinese and dye Caitlin's hair, she is now a beautiful red head!

Such an awesome day out. I love that we all decided to wear pretty dresses to go fruit picking in..and that their sense of humour is as ridiculous at mine. Seriously..go and check out Calippos these days.

Miss x

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