Monday, 12 September 2011


I am glad HIMYM exists. So many useful phrases to define my life.

So, Revertigo. Recently I have found myself reverting back to my student days. I have to say I am loving it but it is taking it's toll. Only this weekend, I went to not one, but two clubs in one night. I know, someone hold me back.

Somehow, and I'm still unsure how this happened, we left Babylon (tired, hot, awesomely danced out..hello britpop and boybands)and ended up in Chaos to finish the night! It was also DJ Amy Leo's first time on the decks for Chaos and the girl done good :)

I didn't actually get home until 4.30am (slow walk home, pit stop at Mark's). It was a great night, nearly caught up on sleep now. The only downside is that my voice is doing a disappearing act on me! Tail end of flu/cold...everyone's finding it hilarious, myself included. My brother just says "pardon" everytime I talk. He's funny like that.

I'd like to say that I'll slow down from the next few weekends, but Southsea Fest and then friend's housewarming the weekend after!

I am EXCITED for Southsea Fest...currently listening to their playlist on (poppiepants...don't ask, the username is damn old and I can't find how to change it!). I also get to wear my anchor dress, yes.

That was a rambly post, sorry loves!

Miss x

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  1. haha love it! I am still dying today and wasn't even drunk. x
    p.s. southsea fest! whoop!