Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Game

Game Playing. The topic of many a chick flick or Sex and the City epsiode. Not forgetting conversations with my favourite girls.

Recently, my dearest brother, of only 21 years of age, enlightened us to a few things. To uncover the mystery, check out the post on
Caitlin's blog.

However, what happens when the man does have a game plan? Yesterday, I was texting a good friend of mine that I used to date. In a reply to his message, I put a kiss at the end of the text. As soon as I sent it, I panicked. When we were dating we used to put a kiss at the end, but since we've just been friends, he stopped and so therefore I did too.

The thing is, I always put a kiss at the end of my messages, to everyone. So why am I so suddenly careful with him? I felt completely ridiculous, not because of the kiss, but because I panicked! Is it really a big deal?

This then got me thinking about dating games. Funnily enough, this same guy let me in on a few of his secrets. He had a very distinct set of rules, that him and his friend would use to get girls. I'm afraid to worked on me.

1. Ignore the girl you like.
2. Talk to all of her friends but her, and only at the end, start up a conversation with her.
3. Put her down on something she likes about herself
4. Wear unusual clothes/colours/styled hair - apparently this is called 'peacocking'
5. Wait a while before texting back...a long while
6. Talk about your ex-girlfriend...
it shows you're used to women being around you
7. Random compliments, the more unusual the better

This is only a selection of the rules he had. Some of you may recognise this from The Game by Neil Strauss. Well you'd be right. Him and his friend studied that book like a bible. At the time, I felt a bit like I'd been played, tricked into dating him. But then I just found it funny. So much effort, careful planning and delivery of lines! He reassured me he did it because he wanted me to like him, and I did. The funnier thing was, after the act had dropped and the pressure was off, I like him a whole lot more. I fell for the way he wore his glasses when he was tired, the ridiculous excitement over silly things and how he was never afraid of a debate with me.

So there you have it. Are you going to play the game?

Miss x

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  1. A friend of mine bought this book and was so repulsed by its manipulative doctrine, about demeaning and degrading women and deliberately undermining their confidence to get them into bed, that he actually threw it in the bin so that no one else would be able to read it.