Sunday, 27 December 2009

Hello again...

Oh my, it's been a while since I've been on here! Been so busy recently, that when I get home, I don't have the energy to blog but hopefully that will change :)

Had a lovely Christmas with friends and family, they're the best :) A little late, but here is a pic of my lovely tree...I'm about to take it down, boo :(

I have been getting a little crafty (heh) recently and making some of my headbands that I got overly excited about! Here are the two I've made so far:

The top one is my favourite I think :) I have plans for some more vintage 20's flaper inspired ones , musical notes and military (found the cutest rosette the other day!). They only take about 30mins to make and I'm rather in love with them ♥

Went to my first Knitting Club fairly recently and loved it :) Very relaxing and yet ultra quirky and cool! Unfortunately as with many of my projects, I started knitting lots and haven't picked it up in many weeks. However, I need to get my bum in gear, as we're apparently moving onto hats soon and all I've knitted is 6inches of a scarf! A few quiet nights in and I'll get the buzz again :)

Sadly I cannot update with any inspirational pics at the moment, as my right click has broken (beyond annoying!) so I'm going to look out my window again and check for any more snow! I ♥ it!

Miss x

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I'm a little bit obsessed...

I have an ever growing collection and when I see a new one I love, I have trouble resisting! But with my new money saving life, I must...
So my plan is to make them instead! There are lots of beautiful designs out there, and some of them look super easy to make (I hope). It's my new project to keep me occupied, although sometimes my sewing skils leave a lot to be desired!
Here are some pretty ones I like...

I also secretly want a birdcage...shhh

I can't remember where I found this one but it caught my eye immediately, I love the colours. If I have a go at this one though, I think I'll just do the leaves on half of the band.

Elsie has also made some lovely ones recently for RVA...I particularly love the blue felt one. I also envy her ability to wear them over her hair, I never seem to get that technique quite right!

I want to wear headbands every day ♥
Tomorrow I think I'm going to have a hunt for supplies..I'll keep you updated!
Miss x
(All cute photos found on do, I really do :) Thanks Caketin!)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December ♥

Well it's been a while! I'm finally moved in and almost finished all my unpacking. Sometimes I love doing it, other times I can't quite bring myself to! The flat's beginning to look rather beautiful though and it feels super cosy here :)

Got a few projects in mind that I want to have a go at...more on that later!

Lots of Christmassy blogs out there at the moment, and it's finally December! I ♥ this month, I revert to my childhood and get ridiculously excited over decorations and The Muppet's Christmas Carol :)

I'm going out looking for my tree this week, I've got my eye on a black one with lots of bright ornaments (to match my flat!). I can't wait to put the fairy lights up!

So here are my Christmas *Loves* this week...

Wooden Tree

Button Tree

White Tree

For my knitting friends!

Cute :)

Polaroid - I really want to make this!


So pretty :)

I'm beyond exhausted so off to bed I go *Zzzz*

I just want to leave you with this little beauty... I have fallen in love ♥

Miss x

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Marc Johns ♥

First of all... I must make this! It's going to go above my bed ♥ I'm not sure how as I don't have a polaroid camera, but I'll figure it out :) Anyone know what the photos will print out like? Might try a couple and see..


Browsing the old blog circle today and stumbled across this amazing artist! Marc Johns has some pretty crazy ideas and I love them :) I actually found a pack of his cards in a TK Maxx the other day but had to resist as I was a little broke, but now they are playing on my mind again, so I may have to sneak back and find them...

Aren't they cute?! Right, packing avoidence is working a treat...a little too well in fact. Must return to the depths of my belongings *sigh*

Hope your evening is lovely :)
Miss x

Monday, 16 November 2009

Vinyl Love

I am completely in love with my vinyls and record player. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it out where I am now, but in my new place I'm going to find a special place for it so it no longer gathers dust! I've been collecting records for about 4 years now, usually 7" and any unusual ones I can find. Picture or engraved records are particularly exciting :)

I would like to start a bigger collection of 12" records but storage is a bit of an issue. So I want to get myself one of these beautiful things to keep them safe :)

This picture is just incredible ♥

One of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite films....

"If you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends."

I haven't been to a record shop in a very long time and I miss it, but I've found a cute one nearby my new home so I will have a wander over as soon as :) Can't wait ♥

Miss x

Friday, 13 November 2009

Fairy Lights

I have a mild obsession with fairy lights, they're just so damn pretty! My favourite place to find them is Ikea, they always do really unusual ones with all different colours. Of course Christmas is a fab time of year to get hold of some at bargain prices. The clear ones will set you up all year round :)

Found out yesterday that the beautiful flat is officially mine to rent! Which means moving in one week and I have a ton to do! Sorted out all my clothes today, which is a mission in itself. I'm now banned from buying anything new for a very long time!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll paint my desk ready for next week. Bought some cute little Christmas trees yesterday, they're all bright and sparkly ♥

Here are my fairy light *Loves* for today:


Hope your weekend is sparkly :)

Miss x

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Mixed Tape

Mixed tapes have popped up in my life twice this past week! On the lovely Rachel's blog, of Red Velvet Art fame, Dylan Todd was guesting for the day and posted on how to make the best mix's very cute :)

Plus, my fab friends were discussing the lack of mixed tapes these days...I myself am a big lover of a good mixed tape (CD/playlist). Both for other special people and for myself. I quite like designing artwork for the CD's, or sometimes I just write the lyrics of my favourite songs across the makes me smile :)

So I say bring on the return of the mixed tape! Send the message forth with your favourite tunes :)

On my mixed tape right now would be:

  • Show Me What I'm Looking For - Carolina Liar
  • Rubber Lover - Marmaduke Duke
  • Oh You Pretty Things! - David Bowie
  • Tiny Dancer - Elton John
  • Louis Louis - Teitur
  • Ok It's Alright With Me - Eric Hutchinson
  • Stone Cold Sober - Paloma Faith
  • Rabbit Heart - Florence and the Machine
  • Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer
  • Nighttiming - Coconut Records

What would be on yours?

Miss x

Dream house...

First of all.....

I love this! Found it on the V&A website :) I'm desperate to go there one day. I feel I would be in awe and very over excited!

Making a small (and ever increasing) wishlist for my future house. Not my cute (tiny) flat, but the house I grow old in. This, I am hoping wil have more space for me to fill with beautiful things.

First up is of course, the library! Which will look like this and can be found here -->Craft and Creativity...

I also dream for the days when my kitchen will be red with white polka dots. I imagine a sprinkling of Cath Kidston cuties to go with my growing collection of mugs...

And a beautiful Smeg fridge. I saw this one in a shop window when driving around in Spain once!
Whilst we're on a spots and stripes theme! What about this pretty thing?
One day kids! For now, I wil drink reviving tea in one of my Cath Kidston mugs :)
Miss x

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Photo Love

Evening all :)

I've been playing around with photos and choosing some to display in the new pad. I'm particularly obsessesed with Rollip at the moment, you can create some great effects. My favourite one is probably the simplest but still gives it the slightly grainy, faded quality. The one below was taken on my phone camera and uploaded onto the site. I love this picture, I stumbled across this on a jaunt down one of my very favourite roads.*Loves*

A very strange, little painted house in a place I don't visit often enough :)

There's also an option that puts a bluish (technical I know) filter over the photo - can sometimes look great, sometimes scary, but fun to experiment!A kite festival that even had sychronised kites! We were impressed :)

At an unexpected gig where we came across Teitur...he stole our hearts. *Loves*

I've also been trying to turn some of my photos into black and white. I really love this look sometimes and want to try a few printed. Here's some inspiration *Loves* I have found along my research way:




I'm still a little tempted to create my comic book coffee table...such a geek! Right bed is calling, night all!

Miss x