Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I'm a little bit obsessed...

I have an ever growing collection and when I see a new one I love, I have trouble resisting! But with my new money saving life, I must...
So my plan is to make them instead! There are lots of beautiful designs out there, and some of them look super easy to make (I hope). It's my new project to keep me occupied, although sometimes my sewing skils leave a lot to be desired!
Here are some pretty ones I like...

I also secretly want a birdcage...shhh

I can't remember where I found this one but it caught my eye immediately, I love the colours. If I have a go at this one though, I think I'll just do the leaves on half of the band.

Elsie has also made some lovely ones recently for RVA...I particularly love the blue felt one. I also envy her ability to wear them over her hair, I never seem to get that technique quite right!

I want to wear headbands every day ♥
Tomorrow I think I'm going to have a hunt for supplies..I'll keep you updated!
Miss x
(All cute photos found on do, I really do :) Thanks Caketin!)

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