Monday, 17 October 2011

Fort Party

A recent Friday was one of the best evenings I've had with my friends and all it took was a few sheets, bit of string and some fairy lights!

My friend Mark has been wanting to have a fort party for some time now and was particularly fuelled on by the Community episode in which an epic fort is built. All that was requested of us were sheets and alcohol!

Upon arriving, we all shouted out a variety of ideas to build such a fort to fit us all inside. As there were about 9 of us there, it all got a bit hilarious so us ladies went and began the making of rum hot chocolates.

If you've been following this blog, you will remember our wonderful discovery of rum hot chocolates around this time last year. You must try! We used Morgans Spice and of course whipped cream and marshmellows. For a yummy twist, we found Baileys rather tasty as well! Only downside is after a few they can leave you feeling rather sick!

In a horribly stereotypical fashion, the men constructed the fort whilst us girls ate marshmellows and heckled from the sidelines. Even though we mocked them largely, particularly when they trapped themselves into a corner, they did a marvellous job!

It was roomy, filled with duvets and cushion and adorned with fairy lights!

We spent the evening chatting and playing silly drinking games. If you haven't made a fort since you were 10, it's high time you got back into the fort building business. A perfect evening ♥

Miss x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Fashion Photography

I would love to do fashion photography. I flipping love clothes and cameras, so the two combine really rather nicely! Sadly, I am not skilled with all the bits and bobs one needs to know, although I have been thinking more and more about learning.

My dad is an amateur photographer and spends lots of time explaining things to me, however I am more of a visual learner and get confused by his explanations (read:ramblings). I have a vast collection of vintage cameras and my particular favourites are my instant cameras. But they don't lend themselves to the beautiful images I see in magazine editorials or floating around the internet. Stole a Canon SLR from my dad recently, so may have a play with film and rope someone in to help!

Here are some of my favourite shots I've come across recently:

This Russian photographer has some beautiful shots.

Tom Langford is a local (Southsea) photographer I have recently discovered. I particularly love the portrait shots he takes and the way he frames a picture. The topics of his shoots that I've seen also look good fun! He recently did a 60's theme, one photo of which you can see below. You must go check out his
website and his photo diary/blog on tumblr. Always good to see some local Southsea talent!

All 4 photos above by the lovely Tom Langford, who kindly sent me the photos! Thanks Tom!

If anyone would like to buy me a dslr or photography lessons, I will give you a big smooch!

Also, thinking of doing a street style section on here, what do you reckon?

Miss x

Picture Links:
1, 2, 3,4

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

How Do You Wear It?

First Date Outfit - Too much?

I have a question. Do you dress for a man/other half or do you dress for yourself?

I have to be honest, I'm guilty of doing both. I've had boyfriends tell me they prefer my hair straight or that headbands look silly. Usually when it's a boyfriend that's saying this stuff I do the exact opposite. I am an 'independent woman' after all. Ha.

But the times when I find myself wondering what a man will think is if there's someone I am trying to impress at a party or a potential meeting of new people (men). This happened only the other day, when a friend ensured us single ladies that there would be lovely gentlemen at their party. As I threw the contents of my wardrobe around the room to find an outfit, I questioned an outfit for being one my female friends would appreciate, but men would find odd. Ridiculous? Yes. I immediately chided myself for being 'that girl'.

But a few days later, I was flicking through a magazine encouraging just that. An array of celebrities in their outfits being judged by a panel of men. Guess which one was their favourite? A picture on an Olsen twin in ripped skinny jeans, a baggy checked shirt and bedhair. Of course, if anyone was going to pull this off and look damn hot, it would be an Olsen twin, but the point remains. These men found her far more approachable and liked that she wasn't too try hard.

It's a bloody minefield. Whilst I didn't expect them to pick The Saturday girl in a horrifying 'Mixi dress' (it's a mullet, people. C'mon!), I get the sense that being 'fashionable' is a turn off.

Just say no.

Yet standing knee high in flowery dresses and biker boots, I kind of thought, sod it! I bloody love my wardrobe and to be quite honest if he's going to go the distance, he's going to have to love it too. Especially if he wants to squeeze into any part of it.
So I put this to you gorgeous single ladies out there, who do you dress for?

Miss x

Summer in Autumn

Utterly bizarre weather this weekend! We managed to find ourselves in a little heatwave which I think most peoople loved but I'm an Autumn girl and I like the cold. Still I had lots of fun and spent time with the Southsea Family ♥

Saturday was a trip to The Belle Isle for lunch, where I had my favourite halloumi, chorizo and potato salad. If you leave anywhere nearby, you MUST go! Also, they're building one in Chichester which is very good news :)

After Belle Isle, we actually took a trip to Chichester and found a place that sells frozen yoghurt! My brother and I are a little obsessed with frozen yoghurt, but the nearest place we'd found was Brighton. So very excited to find a place somewhat closer. I went for jelly tots on mine.

Looked damn pretty but was NOT tasty..the jelly tots hardened in the youghurt and made me teeth hurt. Caketin and my brother made much better choices!

Saturday night, we went out for a friend's 21st, which was a brief but fun night! Lots of cocktails :)

Sunday we went for a walk around Farlington Marshes. It was really lovely, a little hot but pleasant enough in the shade. Started to make some plans for Autumn/Winter walks which I am very excited about! I love crispy cold walks, all wrapped up :)

Weather has begun to turn now, and there are all kids of rumours about frost and snow in the next couple of weeks so we shall see...

Miss x