Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Summer in Autumn

Utterly bizarre weather this weekend! We managed to find ourselves in a little heatwave which I think most peoople loved but I'm an Autumn girl and I like the cold. Still I had lots of fun and spent time with the Southsea Family ♥

Saturday was a trip to The Belle Isle for lunch, where I had my favourite halloumi, chorizo and potato salad. If you leave anywhere nearby, you MUST go! Also, they're building one in Chichester which is very good news :)

After Belle Isle, we actually took a trip to Chichester and found a place that sells frozen yoghurt! My brother and I are a little obsessed with frozen yoghurt, but the nearest place we'd found was Brighton. So very excited to find a place somewhat closer. I went for jelly tots on mine.

Looked damn pretty but was NOT tasty..the jelly tots hardened in the youghurt and made me teeth hurt. Caketin and my brother made much better choices!

Saturday night, we went out for a friend's 21st, which was a brief but fun night! Lots of cocktails :)

Sunday we went for a walk around Farlington Marshes. It was really lovely, a little hot but pleasant enough in the shade. Started to make some plans for Autumn/Winter walks which I am very excited about! I love crispy cold walks, all wrapped up :)

Weather has begun to turn now, and there are all kids of rumours about frost and snow in the next couple of weeks so we shall see...

Miss x

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