Friday, 14 October 2011

Fashion Photography

I would love to do fashion photography. I flipping love clothes and cameras, so the two combine really rather nicely! Sadly, I am not skilled with all the bits and bobs one needs to know, although I have been thinking more and more about learning.

My dad is an amateur photographer and spends lots of time explaining things to me, however I am more of a visual learner and get confused by his explanations (read:ramblings). I have a vast collection of vintage cameras and my particular favourites are my instant cameras. But they don't lend themselves to the beautiful images I see in magazine editorials or floating around the internet. Stole a Canon SLR from my dad recently, so may have a play with film and rope someone in to help!

Here are some of my favourite shots I've come across recently:

This Russian photographer has some beautiful shots.

Tom Langford is a local (Southsea) photographer I have recently discovered. I particularly love the portrait shots he takes and the way he frames a picture. The topics of his shoots that I've seen also look good fun! He recently did a 60's theme, one photo of which you can see below. You must go check out his
website and his photo diary/blog on tumblr. Always good to see some local Southsea talent!

All 4 photos above by the lovely Tom Langford, who kindly sent me the photos! Thanks Tom!

If anyone would like to buy me a dslr or photography lessons, I will give you a big smooch!

Also, thinking of doing a street style section on here, what do you reckon?

Miss x

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  1. Awesome idea! No better class than practise too :)

    I must have missed this post in the back log, glad I've found it now though!