Wednesday, 5 October 2011

How Do You Wear It?

First Date Outfit - Too much?

I have a question. Do you dress for a man/other half or do you dress for yourself?

I have to be honest, I'm guilty of doing both. I've had boyfriends tell me they prefer my hair straight or that headbands look silly. Usually when it's a boyfriend that's saying this stuff I do the exact opposite. I am an 'independent woman' after all. Ha.

But the times when I find myself wondering what a man will think is if there's someone I am trying to impress at a party or a potential meeting of new people (men). This happened only the other day, when a friend ensured us single ladies that there would be lovely gentlemen at their party. As I threw the contents of my wardrobe around the room to find an outfit, I questioned an outfit for being one my female friends would appreciate, but men would find odd. Ridiculous? Yes. I immediately chided myself for being 'that girl'.

But a few days later, I was flicking through a magazine encouraging just that. An array of celebrities in their outfits being judged by a panel of men. Guess which one was their favourite? A picture on an Olsen twin in ripped skinny jeans, a baggy checked shirt and bedhair. Of course, if anyone was going to pull this off and look damn hot, it would be an Olsen twin, but the point remains. These men found her far more approachable and liked that she wasn't too try hard.

It's a bloody minefield. Whilst I didn't expect them to pick The Saturday girl in a horrifying 'Mixi dress' (it's a mullet, people. C'mon!), I get the sense that being 'fashionable' is a turn off.

Just say no.

Yet standing knee high in flowery dresses and biker boots, I kind of thought, sod it! I bloody love my wardrobe and to be quite honest if he's going to go the distance, he's going to have to love it too. Especially if he wants to squeeze into any part of it.
So I put this to you gorgeous single ladies out there, who do you dress for?

Miss x


  1. normally for myself/other girls but not always...

    btw love this post :) x

  2. haha - i am a bit like you. If my boyf tells me he doesn't like something, such as my purple/pink/coloured tights I tend to wear them all the more. But sometimes, if we are off out on a night out, i do wear the things he likes me in.