Monday, 17 October 2011

Fort Party

A recent Friday was one of the best evenings I've had with my friends and all it took was a few sheets, bit of string and some fairy lights!

My friend Mark has been wanting to have a fort party for some time now and was particularly fuelled on by the Community episode in which an epic fort is built. All that was requested of us were sheets and alcohol!

Upon arriving, we all shouted out a variety of ideas to build such a fort to fit us all inside. As there were about 9 of us there, it all got a bit hilarious so us ladies went and began the making of rum hot chocolates.

If you've been following this blog, you will remember our wonderful discovery of rum hot chocolates around this time last year. You must try! We used Morgans Spice and of course whipped cream and marshmellows. For a yummy twist, we found Baileys rather tasty as well! Only downside is after a few they can leave you feeling rather sick!

In a horribly stereotypical fashion, the men constructed the fort whilst us girls ate marshmellows and heckled from the sidelines. Even though we mocked them largely, particularly when they trapped themselves into a corner, they did a marvellous job!

It was roomy, filled with duvets and cushion and adorned with fairy lights!

We spent the evening chatting and playing silly drinking games. If you haven't made a fort since you were 10, it's high time you got back into the fort building business. A perfect evening ♥

Miss x

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