Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Photo Love

Evening all :)

I've been playing around with photos and choosing some to display in the new pad. I'm particularly obsessesed with Rollip at the moment, you can create some great effects. My favourite one is probably the simplest but still gives it the slightly grainy, faded quality. The one below was taken on my phone camera and uploaded onto the site. I love this picture, I stumbled across this on a jaunt down one of my very favourite roads.*Loves*

A very strange, little painted house in a place I don't visit often enough :)

There's also an option that puts a bluish (technical I know) filter over the photo - can sometimes look great, sometimes scary, but fun to experiment!A kite festival that even had sychronised kites! We were impressed :)

At an unexpected gig where we came across Teitur...he stole our hearts. *Loves*

I've also been trying to turn some of my photos into black and white. I really love this look sometimes and want to try a few printed. Here's some inspiration *Loves* I have found along my research way:




I'm still a little tempted to create my comic book coffee table...such a geek! Right bed is calling, night all!

Miss x


  1. You should do it!! Love the pictures :)

  2. You need to take me to where ever that first photo was taken so i can take pictures too! Loving the kite festival photo!