Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Dream house...

First of all.....

I love this! Found it on the V&A website :) I'm desperate to go there one day. I feel I would be in awe and very over excited!

Making a small (and ever increasing) wishlist for my future house. Not my cute (tiny) flat, but the house I grow old in. This, I am hoping wil have more space for me to fill with beautiful things.

First up is of course, the library! Which will look like this and can be found here -->Craft and Creativity...

I also dream for the days when my kitchen will be red with white polka dots. I imagine a sprinkling of Cath Kidston cuties to go with my growing collection of mugs...

And a beautiful Smeg fridge. I saw this one in a shop window when driving around in Spain once!
Whilst we're on a spots and stripes theme! What about this pretty thing?
One day kids! For now, I wil drink reviving tea in one of my Cath Kidston mugs :)
Miss x


  1. I really really want a library like that!! x

  2. Trouble with a fun oven like that is it would be really difficult to keep clean.