Monday, 9 November 2009

It starts!

I couldn't help it, the call to join the blogging world was too strong!
Recently my chilly evenings have been filled with lots of tea and my new favourite pastime, checking out (mostly crafty) blogs. I love it, especially seeing all the pics people put up for inspiration - it works!

Soon I will be moving into my new place and I have been thinking up lots of decoration ideas to make it lovely and mine :) I'm a bit scared as this is the first time I'll have lived by myself, but also super excited to turn it into my home. All of this is being done on a budget, as I shall soon be least I'll live somewhere pretty!
Decoration ideas so far are:

  • Paint my desk a lovely aqua colour
  • Find pretty material to make new cushion covers
  • Get photos printed (I want to try some black and white)
  • Paint my chest of drawers red
  • Try to recreate this Paul Smith beauty:
Can't wait to get started - it's going to be messy!

*Loves* of the day:

Find home details here: **

Off to find more hot tea, hope your evening is cosy :)

Miss x

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  1. Don't worry i am making it my personal mission to make lots of pretty things for your flat!