Friday, 13 November 2009

Fairy Lights

I have a mild obsession with fairy lights, they're just so damn pretty! My favourite place to find them is Ikea, they always do really unusual ones with all different colours. Of course Christmas is a fab time of year to get hold of some at bargain prices. The clear ones will set you up all year round :)

Found out yesterday that the beautiful flat is officially mine to rent! Which means moving in one week and I have a ton to do! Sorted out all my clothes today, which is a mission in itself. I'm now banned from buying anything new for a very long time!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll paint my desk ready for next week. Bought some cute little Christmas trees yesterday, they're all bright and sparkly ♥

Here are my fairy light *Loves* for today:


Hope your weekend is sparkly :)

Miss x

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