Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Kites, Castles and Chaos

It's no secret amongst my friends and family how much I ♥ Southsea. Some of my favourite days have been just walking round Southsea and seeing what it has to always come across something going on and recently it was the Kite Festival. I don't know how but I've been to the Kite Festival for the last 4 years running and it has never been intentional! I started off my 'Southsea Day' with breakfast at Like a Teatray in the Sky with Ve and Caitlin was yummy and good to catch up :) Caitlin and I then went to find Alexa for a picnic on the common with an ever looming black sky...we did get caught in the rain, but fashioned some interesting clothing pieces to help!

We then followed the streamers and tails to the Kite was a perfectly windy day for the occasion. Much silliness was then enjoyed at the fairground they had set up. Caitlin and Alexa rode horses and the boys played a shooting game which won them toy guns. Funnily enough, they still managed to find a way to make the bullets hurts...boys will be boys, and all that. I swear they just enjoy the war wounds!

Southsea Castle was next on the list. I'd never been before and was impressed by some of the history. Makes you appreciate where you live :) The fact that it's free was an extra bonus! Considering how many days out we've had around Southsea, the fact that there are still new things to do and going on is why I love living here so much.

After our days out, the boys returned to the xbox and us ladies decided we needed to dance! Another great thing about Southsea? The nights out! The Wedgewood Rooms holds some fantastic nights; particular favourites are Chaos and It's A Sin. If you're ever in Southsea and like alternative/rock/indie/cheesy 90s music, you have to shimmy your way here! The night began in my flat, as has become tradition, where too many Kool Aid cocktails were consumed..that stuff is awesome.

Chaos was lots of fun as always, good music, good people and some more than surprising events took place! I bloody ♥ Southsea.

Miss x

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