Friday, 16 September 2011

Ink Me

I have always loved and wanted tattoos. I just think they can look beautiful. My dad has 4 tattoos, proper traditional navy tattoos. He always told me when I was younger that he was silly and drunk when he got them, in his navy days. Only many years later did I realise that was ridiculous. I think he does like his tattoos but before the traditional ones became popular again, he felt they hadn't aged well. He also has problems with colour fading and an unfortunate misspelling of my Mum's name! With his line of work, it also means he can't wear short sleeved shirts or roll his sleeves up.

A few years back, he went through very expensive and very painful tattoo removal on his forearms. It was awful. He was covered with huge blisters flled with blood and puss. As it stands, he now has two faded tattoos on his forearms. It was just too expensive and too agonising to carry on.

Although, this hasn't put me off! What it has done, has really made me think hard about what it is I want to have done. I've read up a lot on getting tattoos and advice, mostly because I don't want to be in the same position as my dad. The advice is pretty much standard
-Make sure the idea is something you've wanted for a while and it's not just a fad
-Do your research on tattoo artists

I have an idea for one on my wrist. Trouble is, that's just the start! I know I want more, but it's tricky with my job.

Amongst this post is some inspiration of tattoos I've been oggling...amongst them is what I want, maybe you can guess which one!

Miss x

All pics via Pinterest

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