Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Star Wars Party

It was my brother's 21st birthday this summer and after our camping plans fell apart, I decided to throw him a surprise party! My brother is notoriously bad at planning things, so luckily it wasn't too difficult to avoid anything he came up with. The look on his face when he arrived was the best thing ever. It made all of the stress and planning beyond worth it!My brother and his friend are obsessed with Star Wars. Every inch of their living room is covered with Star Wars posters and action figures; the Star Wars encyclopedia is frequently out and referred to (whether you're interested or not...) so it seemed appropriate to give the party a bit of a Star Wars theme!

The lightsabers were shockingly easy to make. I found them on my beloved Pinterest and followed the link through to here. They were a massive hit and many lightsaber fights were had :)

I also found a Death Star on Pinterest. So easy to make again, although I couldn't do the carvings as I wanted as my watermelon was too light. This was enjoyed as we nursed our hangovers the next day!

So much fun and hopefully one for my brother to remember! Plus they got to keep the lightsabers, so they are forever happy...

Miss x

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