Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I Never Knew I Was A Techno Fan...

Last night I went to see The Wombats with Caketin and Ve. We booked the tickets ages ago and nearly forgot when it was ...but I'm so glad we didn't miss it!

They really were amazing live, playing all my favourite songs with a healthy amount of banter in between. Nothing worse than a band who can't have a laugh with their audience (..I'm looking at you Fall Out Boy). Favourites included 1996, Techno Fan and Jump Into The Fog ♥

Also managed to see an epic amount of dancing from other fans, both hilarious and scary! Was a lot of fun though, despite my stupidly tired Monday self :)

In other news, it's Pancake Day! I'm not one for the religious elements of this and won't be giving up anything for Lent, but I do like pancakes...

Miss x

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