Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday Crafting

Evening :)
I've had a bit of a crafting day today, which has been lovely seeing as it's been so long!

First up, I made a cute little flower headband. I've been looking around at how to make them but in the end just winged it and I think it came out alright! I even wore it to knitting club tonight :)

Glad I made it to knitting club (finally!), it was so pretty with fairy lights, vintage throws and cushions, Murder She Wrote on and lots of lovely cakes! There were lots more people there this time, the word is out :)

This is my scarf so's the first thing I've ever knitted and it's taking me forever! But when I get going I do enjoy it :) It may turn into a cowl though....a scarf seems awfully long!

Bed time for me :) I've had the best, but most exhausting week off, sleep is needed!

Miss x

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