Monday, 15 March 2010

Cupcakes, Comics and Car Boots ♥

I finally made some cupcakes!

After banging on about it for so long and sampling many others, I finally got my cook on and whipped up a batch :)

I found these rather lovely coloured cases in Asda....

(I also ended up buying matching nail varnishes, but shhhhh!)

After baking some little cakes, I attempted to match up the colour of the icing with the case....and then covered with sprinkles, yum :)

I even got a bit creative with some more headband making. I ♥ the colour of this one, I even wore it out that night :)

This weekend was spent with friends and family. Saturday was a road trip and some comic book geekery with the best people ♥ before heading back for pizza, music anthems and youtube silliness! They even let me take lots of photos with my Fuji Instax Mini :)

Sunday was Mother's Day so I spent a lovely day hunting through a car boot sale with the family. My mum is quite the bargain hunter and made some fab purchases. I found a War of the Worlds LP which I almost couldn't bear to put back, but it was a little overpriced....maybe I'll be brave enough to haggle next time!

Miss x

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  1. Cupcakes!!! They were still tasty 3 day's later :) And the headband looks amazing x