Thursday, 4 March 2010

Spring Love ♥

I feel happier already :)

This week has been long and at times unpleasant, but the beautiful spring like weather has vastly improved it!

Last week we had nothing but rain, but I'm glad it got itself out the way, as this week has been bright and sunny, staying lighter every day. My favourite seasons are Autumn and then Spring, I love the clear blue skys with a bit of a chill in the air ♥

The fashions are also particulalry lovely this year, with ruffles, lace and muted pastels, all topped off with a vintage headband ;) My favourite combinations are nude, pale pink, cream and mint. I have yet to try (still can't let go of my obsession for everything nautical) but it's something to look forward to :) I think I'll make some spring headbands very soon!

Inspiration Station ♥
Beautiful print by Jen Oaks

Images found on weheartit and Vogue

So pretty! Hopefully this weekend will involve a country outing so I can take some of my own Spring pictures...

Miss x

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