Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Road Trip ♥

Last weekend I did a little road trip up to Cardiff for one of my favourite people's birthday :) I lived in Cardiff for 5 years and it's such a beautiful city, I love getting a chance to go back there even if it's not very often!

I had a fab weekend with the girls, including a visit to a really cute tea shop, Tea and Cake. It used to be a quirky shop with lots of gifts and retro things and they have turned half of it into a tea shop with amazing cake and a crazily wide selection of tea! All their cups are mix and match floral and their walls are covered in fairy lights. It was pretty much my idea of heaven ♥

In the tiny bathroom of this place was an awesome mirror display...

It loved it and have decided to try and recreate in my bedroom...amazingly the next day in TK Maxx I found these two lovely mirrors to start me off!

We then went for a wander around the charity shops for some bargains and I stumbled across these two blue glasses...perfect for tealights, flowers or wine!

For the birthday girls' evening, we went for a mexican (yum!) and then to Milgi. This is one of the best places in Cardiff to go for a cocktail, seriously amazing flavours and decoration for your drink! Inside is decorated with bunting and cute vintage finds, they display local artwork, have live music play and outside is a yurt filled with fairylights (can you see a theme...?), mirror balls, day beds and an eclectic assortment of chairs! There's also a garden area which turns into a vintage market on certain Sundays. It was jam packed when we were there but I managed to get a picture of the bunting!

It was a fab weekend, and probably my last until October. I already can't wait for the next road trip ♥

Miss x

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  1. Hey Lady! You shouldn't be taking pictures whilst you're driving! Be careful so we can still have you in one piece! The mirrors are cute but i think that many reflections of myself would freak me out!