Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Maxi Dress

I want to wear maxi dresses every day this summer....which may be a problem as I only have two! But I'm seriously obsessed. They just look so darn summery and pretty :) I'm going to continue my hunt for more, but also thought I might have a go at making one myself...which will be interesting! I let you know how I get on, but here are some beautiful dresses to drool over ♥

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Miss x


  1. love love love! i wish i was a bit taller so i could pull them off!

  2. Hehe, my friend actually said the same thing, she's only 5"3' - but I took her shopping yesterday and we found a beatuiful one that suited her :) Case of trial and error!x

  3. i'm scared of these. far too short and too curvy, i look like a pregnant wearing a mumu! however, i admire them on any other girls.

  4. awesome blog. awesome title. awesome layout. I'm exited to be your newest follower. :-)

  5. Thank you so much that's really sweet :) x

    I'm vey curvy too, but I find the empire line ones to the be the best and without too many ruffles!x