Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Guardian Angel Day

To try and get us all feeling a bit better about ourselves and showing how much we support one another, our welfare team came up with Guardian Angel Day.

We signed up our names, got put into a lucky dip and each of us was given another person to be their Guardian Angel for the day. Basically, we've just do something nice for that person, whether it's make them tea, give them a chocolate bar or do some of their work for them!

I decided (of course!) to make my person a cupcake with a little banner saying 'You're Fab!' I then found some instax photos from an out of date film that I got at a car boot recently. Some of the pics didn't come out, but rather than throw away, I made a little Guardian Angel photo/card to go with the cupcake :)

I think everyone finds the day a little cheesy but we're all secretly excited to give and receive Guardian Angel fun!

Miss x

P.s big camera post coming soon with all my recent car boot finds..I'm running out of room for them!