Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bowler Hats

Sometimes my fancy dress spills over to my regular wardrobe..and I kind of love that. I bought myself a red bowler hat for Halloween dressed as a clown and it was awesome :) Decided then that I would very much like a black bowler hat for those days when..why not?! You may have guessed from previous ramblings, I love fashion and playing around with different looks, so it was only a matter of time really ;)

So instead of buying clothes in my January sales shoppping, I bought a full price bowler may be silly but I bloody ♥ it!

Some rather pretty bowler hatted ladies and gents below...

My all time favourite bowler hat lady, the beautiful
caketin :) No one rocks it like she does! Couldn't find the bowler hat pic I wanted, so here's her looking just as awesome in a top hat ;)

Miss x

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  1. hehe :) Thank you for the shout out. I do love a good hat! x