Friday, 7 January 2011

Rockabilly ♥

Rockabilly. Red lipstick, flicks of eyeliner and swing skirts..what's not to love? I have always loved the fifties and how the beautiful the clothes fit to a woman's curvy body. But with rockabilly, it has just that little more edge. Even better! Tattoos, pin ups and skulls give me that little extra thrill when looking at pictures :) I am particulary fond of the sailor themed dresses at the moment..anchors and navy blue ♥

So here are some beauties I have come across in searching for my perfect birthday dress....rockabilly of course ;)

I very nearly bought this dress for my birthday, but sadly the ebay auction ended before I could purchase! Hoping they put some more on soon...

This is the birthday dress ♥ It's currently on it's way to me and I am very excited and hoping it fits! Can't wait to wear it...with my black biker boots of course :P

Miss x

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