Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Well I'm hoping it gets cold anyway,because I'm getting fed up of carrying around a hundered layers only to find myself in just a cardi and lugging everything about!

After a whole lot of umming and ahhing, I have decided to purchase a faux fur coat. It's getting ridiculous how much I want one.

Things that have put me off are:
~Looking trashy
~Looking like a bear
~My friends dubious faces

But sod it! It's fashion, it's fun! I'm forgoing the proper winter coat this year as I can't find one I like for under £90 and the one I have is rather nice. So I'm going to save pennies by buying a cheaper fur coat and run around pretending I'm glamorous :P

Here are some rather nice pictures of pretty ladies wrapped in fur...

Miss x

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