Thursday, 17 November 2011


Halloween has always been one of the most exciting nights of the year. I have a love/hate relationship with fancy dress. I love researching and coming up with the ideas but I get all manners of stressed with the ridiculous tasks I end up giving myself to achieve it!

This year was a fairly easy costume and it still took me several hours to sew and finish. It was probably one of my favourites though; a voodoo doll.

I'd seen several on Pinterest so I knew basically how I wanted it to look, but the original dress I found, I just wasn't comfortable in. I ended up buying a white broderie anglais dress in the sales for £10 - bargain! But I needed sleeves on the dress. Luckily, I had an old broderie anglais top I was getting rid of, so i fashioned myself some sleeves! I also added lace to the bottom to add a bit of length to the dress. It turned out quite pretty and is something I could wear again :)

For the pin stabbed heart, I first cut out a heart from red felt. The second step was to make the pins. Other costumes I'd seen had used knitting needles, but I didn't want my pins to be quite so lenthy, for fear of stabbing! Instead, I used silver garden wire. I coiled each end after I had poked it through the felt heart. This mean they were able to lie flat against the fabric and I could sew them on. the tops were then covered with silver foil for the pin head effect.

All I had to do then was sew the heart to the dress, cut bits of black tape to stick on as seams and draw a big stiched grin on my face!

The night was lots of fun, with some fab costumes. We had The Joker and Two Face, an evil mermaid, Coraline's Other Mother, Black Swan and various other ghoulish outfits!

Already having to start thinking about my Heroes and Villains costume for New Years..yikes!

Miss x

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