Friday, 15 January 2010

Happy 101 :)

The gorgeous curly haired Miss Alexa and beautiful knitting queen Miss Caketin, have passed on the Happy 101 award to me :)

"This award is for all the ladies in the blogging community that bring a smile to your face. So...along with this award I am to list 10 things that make me HAPPY and pass the award on to 10 ladies that make me smile."
Thank you ladies :)

Here are the things that make me the most Happy!

1. Coffee shops... they make my Sundays

2. Collecting vinyl... the more colourful the better

3. Red Lipstick... I want to wear it every day

4. Friends... they are incredible

5. Photos... I just can't stop myself
6. Cupcakes... hello new obsession

7. Fashion... I fall in love

8. Second hand bookshops... they smell good

9. Headbands... pretty

10. Nail varnish... the darker the better

Well that did make me smile :) Now for my ten lovely blogging ladies...

Little Bird Crafts
These lovely ladies are fab :) I can often be found perusing their sites for crafting ideas and just general prettiness!
Miss x

P.S my massive apologies that this has taken so long to do! I started ages ago, then my little laptop was causing me problems so I had a minor tantrum and abandoned it..ahem :P

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  1. hehe love it! Glad the laptops working well again :)