Friday, 15 January 2010

Something New for the Weekend...

I was a bit of busy bee during my snow days and have made 2 more headbands :)

The first one is using a badge that I found in Accessorize in the sale. I've taken off the safety pin (it was too heavy of the ribbon) and stitched it onto a black piece of satin ribbon. With all my headbands, I use ribbon and a small bit of elastic sewn in which hides nicely at the back :) It just means a better fit to your head!

The second headband was a bit more work, but something I had wanted to do for a while. It's a bit of a cross between the military and nautical theme which you see a lot of these days (and I am obsessed with both!). I used blue satin ribbon, a length of gold cord and the gold fastenings. I made the blue headband first, then stitched the gold cord in place. I only stitched it in about 4 places, just to keep it in the middle. I then sewed the fastening into place :)

I have to say, I think I'll avoid satin ribbon in future as it's tends to be very slippy and doesn't always stay on my head very well! Might be an idea, if you want that look, to double it up with a matt ribbon underneath.

Run out of ribbon now, but have lots more ideas :) Now the snow's clearing I might be able to get to the shops! Going to try and carry on with knitting in the meantime.

Cup of tea time, my friends! Hope your weekend is lovely :)

Miss x

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