Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Point and Click

I've had a fantastic find today!

Whilst doing a clearout at work, I stumbled across a Polaroid 636 Close Up camera! I was most excited, and as it was about to be chucked, I rescued the poor thing and it is now pride of place in my home :)

Only problem is getting hold of some film, as it's a little pricey. But I've been desperate for a polaroid camera for ages (in fact, had an obsession with them when I was 15) and have been nosing around on ebay for a while, so seeing as it was free, I don't mind paying for film :)

Other exciting camera news...my brother (best ever) has got me a fuji instax for my birthday ♥ (1 more week to go!)

Looking forward to playing with this little doll :)

I'm known amongst my friends for always having my camera ready (they don't always love this!) and I can't help myself in taking pictures of people. I have to say, I'm not a great one for landscape photos....I prefer to point and click at people, especially when they pull silly faces or pose with a giant calculator ;)

I ♥ photos

And so begins my camera collection! I've been reading lots and looking at different examples of cameras on lots of blogs and the future 3 I have my eye on are:

Lomography Fisheye

Diana F+ 'Mr Pink'


I'm already super excited about showing you my photo experiments :)

Miss x

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  1. Great find! i have a fish eye, but i hardly ever use it. The first roll of film i tried to develop never came out right and i haven't finished the next roll! My next mission is to get a holga & actually learn how to use it!